Baltimore based rapper DatBoyBomb writes highly introspective lyrics about relationships, hustling, and life struggles. He delivers with a skillful blend of timeless hip-hop, laced with the force of today's popular Rap. 

Originally known as K-Bomb, he formed his own Independent record company, M.I.B Entertainment llc. Where he eventually decided to settle with "B.O.M.B. ". 

Born on the Island of Haiti, DatBoyBomb trained for life everywhere from Baltimore, Brooklyn NY, to Columbus Ohio. At a very young age B.O.M.B had a passion for all kinds of music ranging in every genre. Though his main attention was given to Hip-hop, he also studied pop, rock, and r&b. 

Rapping at the young age of 13 for fun, DatBoyBomb quickly realized his passion for lyricism. As he became more serious, learning the ins and outs of the music business he created his own label. Today his #HitMakersSociety  label (also known as  HMS) has made a powerful mark on his local market and beyond. 

Bringing his timeless music to the forefront, expect to see DatBoyBomb in arenas and venues worldwide. 

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